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Welcome to Renewal Medical Clinic!

Renewal is a holistic, alternative, integrative, functional medicine clinic centered on sound, research-proven medical principals and experience-based patient successes. At Renewal, care is provided by Dr. Eric McMillan, a fellowship trained Integrative Physician and a diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

“I’ve never spent that much time with a doctor…”
At Renewal, we work outside the framework of insurance - the framework where your doctor has a few minutes to see you, takes a few minutes to get the visit documented in the computer (often more time than he spent with you), then it’s on to the next patient. These types of practices often see a patient every 10 or 15 minutes.

How can your doctor provide meaningful care to you in 10 minutes?

Our initial visit is around an hour - time that you spend directly with Dr. McMillan discussing your health and putting together a plan to get you feeling great. Follow up visits are around a half-hour. We think it’s a better way of providing care.

“I feel well again!”
Renewal is about optimizing your health, not just solving short-term problems. Our goal is to restore the youthfulness and vitality you felt in your 20s and 30s. At Renewal, we evaluate your overall health - something regular doctors don’t have time to do. We also treat aspects of your health that just aren’t addressed by traditional western medicine. Dr, McMillan addresses any specific health problems you have, helps you identify lifestyle changes that can improve your quality of life, and helps restore your body’s vitamins, minerals, and hormones to get you feeling your best.

“My treatment is customized to me”
Dr. McMillan assesses each patient thoroughly, then recommends exactly what that particular patient needs to get back to health. With traditional medicine, if the pill comes in 25mg and 50mg then you’ll be getting one or the other. At Renewal, if what you really need is 15mg then that’s what you’ll get. The body’s hormones are a complex interplay and balance is the key. Like a symphony, if one section isn’t working right then the end result just isn’t right. Achieving this balance, and restoring your hormones to their youthful levels can make the difference between feeling tired and rundown and feeling great!

Call Renewal today at 209.353.2993 to learn more. Make that decision to take back your health!

Renewal Medical Clinic

1051 East Tuolumne Road Suite 103
Turlock California 95382
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