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PRP & Stem Cells

PRP and Stem Cell

Our body heals itself every day - for example, a scratch on your hand from yard work usually fades after a few days. In some situations however, our bodies don’t have the appropriate signals or resources to repair injuries. When this happens, we develop painful conditions such as rotator cuff tendinitis that can progress to more limiting conditions like rotator cuff tear if neglected.

Our body has an amazing ability to heal itself when we give it the resources and signals to do so. In fact, the essence of many surgical procedures we perform is to stimulate the body’s healing response. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to stimulate this healing response without the need for surgery?

Stem cell therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments offer just that - the ability to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to heal injuries without the need for surgery. Stem cell and PRP treatments can be performed comfortably in the office, so there’s no need to go to the operating room. The process typically involves specialized in-office processing of blood drawn at the time of the procedure, and re-injection of that processed blood or stem cells from a tissue bank at the area of injury to stimulate your body’s natural healing.

PRP and Stem Cell

Stem Cell and PRP Treatments are used successfully in the office to treat tendinitis, partial tendon tears, and joint arthritis. Stem Cell and PRP can also be used in the operating room to improve outcomes when surgery is needed.

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