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IV Nutrient Therapy

iv therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy is a great way to get essential nutrients directly to your body’s cells!

We all need vitamins and minerals that our bodies don’t produce to be healthy. Usually, these vitamins and minerals are taken in through food or supplementation. But when our diet isn’t what it should be, or when have illness or chronic disease, we either don’t take in enough vitamins and minerals or our bodies have difficulty absorbing the ones we do take in. This inability to get sufficient vitamins and minerals where they’re needed in our bodies - micronutrient deficiency - is a very common condition that can lead to fatigue, lack of mental sharpness, and even generalized pain conditions like fibromyalgia. Micronutrient deficiency can also lessen our body’s ability to clear toxins, opening the door for chronic disease.

IV Nutrition Therapy provides rapid repletion of needed vitamins and minerals directly to your body’s cells, eliminating dependence on a gastrointestinal system that may or may not be absorbing nutrients optimally. IV Therapy can also be used to help clear toxins such as heavy metals or even to help you bounce back when you’ve celebrated a little too much the night be-fore.

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