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Adrenal Fatigue


Late nights catching up on work, early morning alarms, and endless “To Do” lists make stress a normal part of our daily lives. But when circumstances become overwhelming, stress can have negative consequences - slowly weakening the immune system and accelerating aging. Stress is often referred to as the “Silent Killer” - up to 75% of all doctor visits are thought to be due to stress related issues.

Stress activates the adrenal system (also called the HPA Axis) to produce a “fight or flight” response which leads to increased heart rate, diminished blood flow to the gut, and a release of glucose into the bloodstream. In simpler times, this response lasted just a short time to help us escape dangers. But today, with constant stress seemingly affecting us all day, every day, we experience chronically diminished blood flow to the gut which impairs digestion and chronically elevated blood glucose which predisposes us to diabetes. What’s more, after extended activation of the “fight or flight” system the body’s adrenal system can become exhausted, disrupting function of our body’s other systems and leading to poor health. Untreated, chronic stress can eventually lead to complete depletion and exhaustion.


Lifestyle change and support of the adrenal system with appropriate nutritional supplements are cornerstones of restoring adrenal health. These measures were the fundamental focus of the fellowship training Dr. McMillan underwent and the foundation of his recognition as a Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. If you’re ready for a different approach to your health - a treatment plan tailored to you that gives your body the nutritional and metabolic support it needs and the signals it needs to heal itself - call us to learn more and get truly healthy!

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