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Welcome to the medical practices of Dr. Eric McMillan - McMillan Institute of Regenerative Orthopedics, PC and Renewal Medical Clinic!

We help patients lead healthy, vital lives by giving them a level of care (state of the art treatments and medical expertise) and a level of caring (personalized attention) that’s unequalled.

McMillan Institute of Regenerative Orthopedics, PC provides expert restorative care for patients struggling with bone and joint issues, while Renewal Medical Clinic takes patients from good function to great function - helping them “turn back the clock” to feel truly healthy and vital!

Please take a few minutes to explore the site and learn more about the innovative, state of the art treatments we offer and the great, personalized care patients experience at McMillan Institute of Regenerative Orthopedics, PC and Renewal Medical Clinic!

Our Team

Dr. Eric McMillan

Dr. Eric McMillan

After completing a prestigious fellowship in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Dr. Eric McMillan began practice as one of the pioneers of shoulder arthroscopy and other minimally-invasive orthopedic techniques in California’s Central Valley in 1998. Long regarded as an expert in these areas, Dr. McMillan continues to provide that same great minimally-invasive care and now also offers regenerative orthopedic treatments - use of PRP and Stem Cell Therapies to improve outcomes when surgery is needed and in some cases to help patients get well without surgery! The entire focus of Dr. McMillan’s orthopedic care is to provide expert, personalized treatment to patients who are looking for rapid return to great function with minimal pain and downtime.
Related to his own desire to feel healthy and age well, Dr. McMillan became interested in the wonderful new field of Functional Medicine. After undertaking a rigorous second fellowship in Integrative / Functional Medicine and passing an arduous board exam, he earned recognition as a Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. McMillan started Renewal Medical Clinic to have a place where he could help patients who value healthfulness to optimize their health - to regain their youthful energy and optimism and to feel truly, consistently well! Renewal focuses on lifestyle choices, repletion of nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, and improvement of physiological resilience and metabolic reserve to help prevent chronic disease states like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimers and to lessen or even reverse the effects of these conditions when they’re already present. In short, Renewal Medical Clinic helps patients feel better, look better, and live better!

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